Ann’s house and writing cottage for sale!

Ann’s house and Writing Cottage on Puget Sound are for sale

Use the link above to see a slide show full of large pictures of the house. Be patient, they may take a long time to draw.



  • Carmen Solis  On March 8, 2012 at 7:57 am

    I am a such a fan of your writing and storytelling. It has made me more cautious and for that I thank you. I give my own daughter all of your books so that she will be aware of the world around her and teach my granddaughters to do the same. Thank you Ann for keeping me entertained since 2008.

  • Cindy J  On December 28, 2011 at 12:52 pm

    Hello Ann,

    Like many others, I’m a devoted fan and have read all of your books and wait anxiously for the next. I read your books for a few reasons other than they’re intriguing but not gory. First, I learn to protect myself from the monsters you write about and it makes me aware that there are people out there capable of committing these atrocities. Second, I try to understand or fathom how and why they can do it. And third, I like that you write about the victims and focus on the story behind the story so to speak and all of the circumstances that would lead up to the that one awful moment.

    I’m also a devout Jehovah’s Witness and can assure you and your readers that the kind of behaviour exibited by Ron Reynolds would never be tolerated nor condoned by any true JW. I can also assure you we are not a cult, but believe the bible to be the word of God and strive to live by it’s principles and standards as much as possible in our imperfect state. We are peaceful, humble people who love and obey God and try to show love to our neighbors. Like any other religion or organization, there are good and bad amongst us however the bad are soon exposed and any who are proven to be unrepentant practicers of wrongdoing, are expelled.

    Someday, I hope to live in a world in which you will be out of a job; in other words, there would be no “true crime” for you to write about. Nothing personal but who wouldn’t want that? In the meantime, I enjoy your style of writing and find it nearly impossible to put down your books once I start one. I try to savour them and read them slowly but I’m never successful. Take care.

  • Paula Steinmiller  On December 12, 2011 at 8:44 am

    I am reading In the Still of the Night!!! What an unbelievable story, it is SO obvious that it wasn’t a suicide. I was especially intrigued because he was a Elder in the Jehovah’s Witness congregation before marrying Ronda. Having been raised a Jehovah’s Witness (what a nightmare) I know about the high standards set for anyone in that religion but obviously he was a hypocrite and had to leave.
    I am no longer in that religion because I realized it was a cult. It attracts people like him that are control freaks.
    Thank you Ann for presenting this story to us all so that there is justice for Ronda. I was so happy to see that it has come back into the spotlight again and that there was a Coroners Inquest finding Ron and Jonathan guilty.

    I also am in Canada like Lori from Hammond and I don’t live too far from the area where Colonel Russell Williams killed and stalked all those women. That was a very shocking case to all us up here in Ontario Canada. I am not sure that anyone has written a book about it yet. We are not on the West coast so I am sure it would be difficult for you to write a book about this what with it being Canadian and so far away. I thought It would be a perfect book for you if it happened in Vancouver area 😉

    I have read ALL YOUR BOOKS. I am a huge fan. I have MS and am confined to a wheelchair so reading is my pastime.

    Warmest regards from Paula
    Kawartha Lakes, Ontario. Canada

    • linda  On January 28, 2012 at 3:47 am

      Hi…I am a 58 yr old lady from the UK..I was brought up a Jehovahs parents now in their 90’s still are of that faith..I have to say..this IS a cult..brainwashing at its very worst..many many like me have since left this religion yrs ago..The Watchtower Bible and Tract Society have always professed to be a non profit organization..they are not! experience is of elders preaching to others of how to live their lives and many doing the exact own father beat me senseless as a child..tho I am 58 and he is very old..I am still terrifeid of him!..I was not alone here..many more kids had torturous lives..all in the name of the bible?..I could quote many instances of these people..but unless you have lived the life..others would never understand…as in ANY faith there are good and bad people and the Witnesses are no exception at all..they have huge congregations here..tho sadly no one bothers with my parents now they are too old to attend father has donated money have others..he has cancer now and no one even visits..very christian I am sure!..people will always follow others like gives them a sense of belonging..sadly they dont question what they are told..the bible was written by fallible men..its preached worldwide in lots of men..cut the middle men out and just speak to God if you need to..cos if you are following imperfect humans..not God at all.

      • Paula Steinmiller  On January 28, 2012 at 7:21 am

        Hi Linda from the UK
        I am now 63 years old, I was brought up a JW from the time I was 3. My parents were very fanatic about the religion and my life was isolated and spent having their watchtower and books forced fed to me. My Dad beat me with a belt regularly if I didn’t read them with interest as he drilled me on them after I read them. My Mom was so into the religion that she had regular nervous breakdowns and retreated to her bedroom for weeks at a time. I had to do all the housework and cooking from the time I was 10. I was told that the religion made people happy but I never saw happiness. I vowed to get out of that religion as soon as I grew up. I did but unfortunately went back to it for 7 years to try and make it my own. Then as an adult I saw the hypocrisy and the cult it was. If it was the truth why do they keep changing the truth of the prophecies they teach. The blood issues and the annointed and 1914 and this generation will not pass away from 1914 before the end comes. Hmmmmm a generation must be more than 100 years then.
        My experience with being an EXJW is the same as yours, they profess to be the truth and the only people who will survive Armageddon because they are a Happy people and the right way to live yet they are the same as the “worldly” religions as they have many bad among the good people in their organization. They covered up many many things such as pedophiles in their midst to make sure no one would think bad of them. They are still doing that. My parents are passed away now in the past 10 years, would be in their 80’s now. They gave their all to the religion, my dad was an elder, both my parents were full time pioneers, moved to where the need was great and when they go old and sick the brothers and sisters didn’t want to put themself out for them. My Mom wasn’t able to walk at the end but wanted to go to the meeting anyway, I pleaded with the sisters to take her but they said NO it was too much trouble and especially with having to help her in the bathroom.
        Have you read the story True Story by Michael Finkel about the Christian Longo murders. I was blown away. It happened in Ann’s stomping grounds too in Oregon. It would have been a great story for her but Michael got involved and it turned out to fall in his lap without him even asking for it. Christian was a JW in Michigan, married to a JW and the family was all in it too. He is obviously a sociopath so the religion didn’t cure him of this. They disfellowshipped him and rightly so but still he did murder his wife, and 3 children after this happened. Being in the “truth” didn’t help them or him in this life. Paula from Ontario Canada

      • Nikki  On May 16, 2013 at 7:51 am

        I am 59 years old and also experienced many beating with the belt from my parents. We attended Parochial schools, my father would wake us up at 05:00 a. m. and say “get up the good nuns are waiting for you”. We went to mass and then on to school. I wonder if the beatings were more a sign of the times, and a reflection on how our parents were treated as children, then on what religion we belonged to. My mom read true crime stories to me as a kid. So as an adult I enjoy Ann Rules writing, mostly because it reminds me to always pay attention to detais in a person demeanor.
        NT in ID, USA.

  • Lori Peever  On November 29, 2011 at 3:54 pm

    Hi Ann, I just read In The Still Of The Night another great book. I feel for Barb
    Thompson what a frustrating battle for her……..will it ever truly be over for her?

    I only read true crime and feel your books can’t come out quick enough.

    Just wondering if you ever though of covering the case of Colonel Russell Williams a huge case in Ontario, Canada.


    From Lori
    Hammond, Ontario

  • Lita Browning  On September 18, 2011 at 11:35 am

    It is so hard to imagine that you are selling your home. Very beautiful, but I hope you will stay here in Washington. Life throws us many curves and sometimes we have to move on, I know if you left Washington area you would be missed. Again, your home is absolutely beautiful.

  • ali  On July 13, 2011 at 4:27 am

    Did you all discuss the Sarah Foxwell story? This one is more mysterious to the public. Thomas Leggs ubducted her from her home led her to a desolate place and destroyed her leaving her partially burned. He received two, only two consecutive life sentences. I did just read that he has been attacked in Gen.Pop. but that was in May.
    It gets my “goat” because I was the witness to a brutal beating. That guy got 3 consecutives and the woman (not child) lives. Although her ordeal was of equal horror and the inmate tried to have her killed while he was incarcerated. And threatened me and my family. I’m just saying, should’t he have received even more time? At the least? We all wonder…why.

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